ECG Technician


Electrocardiogram technicians generally are employed in hospitals, laboratories or cardiologists’ offices. ECG technicians employed with laboratories tend to put in longer hours. Additionally, they might be required to be on call and come in at odd hours. ECG technicians should expect to perform heavy lifting on a regular basis as they move patients and equipment. They also should be prepared to work with patients who are suffering or have serious heart conditions.

Electrocardiogram Technician

Also known as electrocardiograph or cardiographic technicians, ECG technicians are responsible for operating machinery that can record the electrical activity of the human heart. The data you gather from these tests is then used by doctors to diagnose heart problems. As an ECG technician, you may also observe the heat rate of a patient undergoing a treadmill stress test. You may perform Holter monitoring as well. This involves outfitting a patient with a portable ECG machine, which records his or her heart activity for up to an entire day