Operation Theatre Technician


Operating theatre technicians prepare and maintain operating theatres and equipment, and assist surgical and anaesthetic teams during operations.

Operation Theatre Technician

Operating theatre technicians may perform the following tasks:


  • transport patients to and from the theatre and wards
  • assist in preparing operating rooms for surgery
  • set up, check, connect and adjust surgical equipment
  • provide technical assistance to surgeons, surgical nurses and anaesthetists
  • clean and restock the operating room, arranging instruments, supplies and equipment according to instruction
  • position patients for surgical and anaesthetic treatments.


The main responsibility of an operating room assistant is to maintain a sterile environment for the patient and surgical team before, during and after surgery. Before surgery, an assistant prepares the operating room by washing and sterilizing all surgical instruments and equipment using special cleaners known as germicides. The assistant then prepares the patient for surgery by washing, shaving and disinfecting incision sites. Finally, the assistant scrubs, gloves, masks and gowns the surgical team. During surgery, the operating room assistant may pass surgical instruments to the surgeon, cut sutures, apply dressings and prepare specimens for laboratory analysis. After surgery, the assistant transports the patient to the recovery room and cleans the operating room for the next procedure.

Operation Theatre Technician